2022 Annual Report

25 The VIPs: President Wintersteen and Cy made guest appearances to help celebrate the occasion. ■ All for safety: At the anniversary celebration, EH&S was pleased to recognize Dr. Sriram Sundararajan and his team at the College of Engineering (CoE) as the winner of our inaugural Safety Partnership Award. This award was intended to recognize a group or individual for contributing to the safety of Iowa State University and the mission of EH&S. ● Each EH&S team submitted a nomination for this award, and final decisions were made by a committee of EH&S colleagues. A strong partnership: Dr. Sundararajan’s efforts to establish a safety culture in the CoE were exceptional and had a top-down approach. He was instrumental in establishing the CoE safety steering committee in 2016, which led to creating a dedicated EH&S safety position for CoE. ● This partnership has allowed other departments to see the benefits of partnering with EH&S for safety support. ● His leadership spread and strengthened the safety culture across the CoE. Other nominees: All the other nominees for EH&S Safety Partnership Award were also recognized with a certificate to appreciate their safety efforts. These included: ● Adam Pepper and FPM Fire Group – Facilities Planning and Management ● Michelle Grawe – Materials Science and Engineering ● Sarah Beckman and Ryan Amdorfer – Chemical and Biological Engineering ● Stephanie Canon – Veterinary Clinical Sciences ● Stop The Bleed instructors – Thielen Student Health Center ● Will Coeur – Music and Theater