11 Confined Spaces C. Non-Permit Required Confined Spaces General Requirements All confined spaces must be considered permit-required until pre- entry procedures demonstrate that hazards in the space do not exist or have been eliminated. If hazards do not exist or are eliminated, the space may be reclassified as a non-permit required confined space and entry can proceed without the use of an Entry Permit or an Attendant. Confined Spaces Entry training is required for entering into non-permit spaces. Non-Permit Entry Procedures All personnel needing to enter a non-permit confined space must: • Inform their immediate supervisors of the confined space location and plans for entry. • Guard or barricade entry opening to protect the safety of personnel, pedestrians and motorists. • Test the atmosphere prior to entry with a calibrated, direct- reading instrument for a hazardous atmosphere. • Record monitoring results on a Verification and Monitoring Record (back of Confined Space Entry Plan ). • If a hazardous atmosphere is detected, the space must not be entered and the immediate supervisor must be informed as soon as possible. • Use continuous or periodic monitoring to alert the entrant of the unexpected development of hazardous atmospheres. • Evaluate the space for engulfment, entrapment or any other serious safety or health hazards. If any of these hazards are found, this space must not be entered and a supervisor must be informed as soon as possible. • Wear all required personal protective equipment (PPE) for the assigned task. • Be observant of the effects of hazardous contaminants and evacuate if any are detected. • Have a means to summon assistance (ie., cell phones, two-way radio, etc.)