12 Confined Spaces D. Permit-Required Confined Spaces Entry into confined spaces with hazardous atmospheres, engulfment, entrapment or other serious hazards must be performed under permit- required confined space entry procedures. Entry must be performed under a permit issued by a designated Entry Supervisor. A minimum of one Attendant must be stationed outside the permit space for the duration of the entry. Before entry, a number of pre-entry procedures must be followed including, but are not limited to, isolation of the permit space, removal or control of atmospheric hazards, barricading space entrances, and verifying that acceptable conditions are maintained throughout the entry. Space specific entry procedures should be reviewed in a pre-planning meeting. Permit space entry procedures must be conducted as outlined in the departmental SOPs and entry permit and must include a debriefing of personnel involved in the entry when the task has been concluded. Pre-Planning A pre-planning meeting must be conducted to ensure that all parties know the work to be done, pre-entry procedures, duties of each team member, hazards that may be encountered, equipment necessary, and emergency plans. Pre-planning must take place between all parties involved in permit-required confined space entries. This meeting serves the purpose of reviewing entry procedures as well as covering specific hazards inherent to the spaces being entered. Work procedures involving any chemicals or work techniques which could create additional hazards within the space should also be covered. Pre-planning must cover all required engineering controls needed to address the space's hazards, including ventilation, space isolation, lockout/tagout of equipment or processes, and PPE. Finally, emergency response and rescue procedures must be reviewed. Entry Permit The Entry Permit is the item that documents program compliance and authorizes entry to a permit-required confined space. The designated Entry Supervisor is responsible for issuing the permit before beginning the entry process. Permits are authorized for the duration of the required task or one day. Entry Permits must be posted at the work site for the duration of entry to allow for the documentation of atmospheric testing results and verification of acceptable conditions. Problems encountered during entry must be noted on the permit so revisions to the entry procedures can be made. The Entry Supervisor must cancel the permit when pre-entry