Fire Safety Guidelines

12 Fire Safety Guidelines Environmental Health and Safety Electrical Safety Electrical sources are common causes of fires, shocks, and burns. Improperly maintained or operated electrical equipment may short, arc, or overheat, creating an ignition point. Extension Cords, Outlets, and Surge Protectors Space Heaters 1.Contact EH&S for a list of approved space heaters. 2.Space heaters should always be plugged directly into an outlet, never into an extension cord or power strip. Building Electrical 1.Electrical panels in hallways and occupied rooms MUST NOT be blocked. 2.Mechanical Rooms CANNOT be used for general storage. 3.Only certified licensed electricians are allowed to do electrical work in any ISU facility. Contact FP&M to schedule work. Extension Cords: • inspect regularly • discard damaged cords • temporary use only (three days or less) Do not block electrical panels.