Hot Work Permit Guidelines

6 Hot Work Permit Guidelines B. Who’s involved in the Hot Work Permit process? Department Supervisors oversee the Hot Work Permit program for hot work operations under their supervision. Supervisors are responsible for designating employees as Permit Authorizing Individuals (PAI), who will issue Hot Work Permits. EH&S will provide blank hot work permit forms Request Blank Hot Work Permit Forms. A sample of the hot work permit form, Hot Work Permit Form. • Any employee who has successfully completed hot work safety training may be a PAI. • Hot Work Operators are allowed to be PAI, but they are not allowed to issue their own hot work permits. A Permit Authorizing Individual (PAI) inspects hot work sites prior to the start of hot work operations using the checklist found on the Hot Work Permit Form. When a fire watch is required, the PAI will designate an employee to serve as Fire Watch. Once all requirements on the forms have been satisfied and the form is signed by a PAI, the document becomes a Hot Work Permit and must be posted in the area where hot work is to be performed. Hot Work Operators (HWOs) are employees who perform hot work operations. An HWO must always obtain a Hot Work Permit before beginning hot work. A Fire Watch is posted to monitor the safety of hot work operations and watch for fires. Fire Watches are posted by a PAI if the situation requires one, during hot work, and for at least 30 minutes after work has been completed. Any employee who has successfully completed hot work safety training can serve as the Fire Watch. See page 6 for information regarding circumstances that require a Fire Watch. A HWO performing hot work.