Hot Work Permit Guidelines

Directory of Service and Emergency Providers 3
A. Introduction 5
B. Who’s involved in the Hot Work Permit process? 6
C. What is the process for obtaining a Hot Work Permit? 7
D. What safety measures are required by the Hot Work Permit? 8
The 35-Foot Rule 8
Fire Detection and Suppression 8
Fire Watch 8
General Guidelines 8
E. Is a Hot Work Permit always required? 10
Designated Hot Work Rooms 10
Operations Not Requiring a Hot Work Permit 10
F. Are there any situations when hot work is not allowed? 12
Non-permissible Hot Work Situations 12
G. What hot work safety training is required? 13
EH&S Training 13
Departmental Training 13
H. Are there hot work requirements for contractors? 14
Do you have hot work related questions? 14
I. Hot Work Fire Facts 15