Just the Facts FY18

Iowa State University has many beautiful, historic buildings across campus. However, some of the materials used in the past are no longer acceptable today - they must be managed properly to minimize hazardous exposures. 158 projects managed 208 bulk samples collected and analyzed 656 air samples collected and analyzed 1,079,929 dollars in managed projects Environmental Health and Safety Just the Facts 2017-2018 Vision A safe and sustainable campus, community and world. Mission Prevent illness and injury, protect the environment, and connect the university to the message of safety and preparedness. We will... Deliver effective education Foster beneficial partnerships Maintain technical expertise Provide exemplary service Iowa State University has over 1,800 research laboratories across campus. The laboratory safety program provides users with health and safety information to help prevent illness and injury while protecting the environment. 80 tax free ethanol application approvals 595 principal investigator research space inspections 762 laboratory equipment disposal inspections 1,271 chemical fume hoods certified