Laboratory Safety Manual

20 Laboratory Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety First Aid Kits Aproperly stocked first aid kit shall be available to laboratory personnel. Complete kits and refills are available at ISU Central Stores (515) 294-0408 or through CyBuy. Individual items should be replenished as they become depleted or expired. A list of recommended contents can be found in the Iowa State University First Aid Kit Guidelines. Signs to mark the location of the first aid kit are available from EH&S. If the laboratory uses materials that require specific first aid materials, these should be stocked in the kit or nearby (for example, phenol). Flammable Safety Cabinets Flammable safety cabinets are storage cabinets manufactured to isolate flammable materials from a potential fire that may occur in the laboratory. Safety cabinets are required for storage of flammable liquids in laboratories with cumulative quantities greater than 40 liters (~10 gal.) and recommended for any quantity. Flammable Safety Cans Flammable safety cans are containers with self-closing spouts and integral flame arresters used to store flammable liquids in single container quantities greater than four liters (~1 gal.). Safety cans must be properly labeled and have a UL “Safety Can” listing. Refer to flammables in Section G, “Safety Practices for Specific Hazards” for more information. Laboratory Fume Hoods Fume hoods are designed to protect personnel by preventing chemical and radiological contaminants from escaping into the laboratory environment. Fume hood sashes also provide a physical barrier from chemicals and their reactions. EH&S is responsible for inspecting the Laboratory Fume Hoods annually. For more information go to Chemical Fume Hood and the Appendix. Laboratory Refrigerators/Freezers Refrigerators and freezers used for flammable liquid storage must be manufactured for that purpose. Modification of general-purpose (domestic) refrigerators/freezers for flammable liquid storage is NOT permitted. General purpose refrigerators/freezers must be labeled to prohibit storage of flammable materials (Caution: Do Not Store Volatile Materials in This Box). Flammable Storage Cabinet