Laboratory Safety Manual

27 Laboratory Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety F General Laboratory Safety Practices The following general safety practices apply to all laboratories at Iowa State University (ISU), regardless of the type of research or work performed. Safe Laboratory Practices The following minimum conditions or practices must be observed in the laboratory. • Ensure laboratory access is controlled at all times (lock doors when laboratory is unoccupied). Ask unknown persons to identify themselves and state their purpose. Ask unauthorized persons to leave. Report the unauthorized entry to ISU Police at (515) 294-4428 or 911 and departmental contacts. • Keep corridor doors (fire doors) closed. Unless held open by a magnetic device, do not prop doors open. • Avoid working alone in the laboratory, but when unavoidable, make arrangements with the principal investigator (PI), laboratory supervisor, or a colleague to check on your status periodically. • Keep hands and other items away from the mouth and eyes, as well as any open skin wounds. • Food, drink, tobacco products, gum, medications, or cosmetics are not allowed in areas where chemical, biological, or radioactive materials are used or stored. • Food intended for research, teaching, or shop activities must be labeled “Not for Human Consumption ” • Keep all work areas and aisles clean and unobstructed. • Keep music at a moderate level and refrain from using ear buds or head phones. • Avoid practical jokes or other disruptive behavior. • Tie back long hair and restrict loose clothing. • Sink hoses must be cut off above the sink rim unless a back flow prevention device is installed on the faucet. • Ensure hand soap (preferably liquid) and towels are available at the laboratory sink. • Wash hands and other exposed skin after using chemical, biological and radiological materials and before leaving the laboratory, as well as between glove changes. • Remove and store personal protective equipment in the laboratory.