Laboratory Safety Manual

30 Laboratory Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety Safety Surveys Laboratory workers are required to perform internal laboratory safety inspections annually (at minimum). Use the appropriate Safety Survey Form. Documentation of completed inspections must be maintained by each laboratory or department for three years. EH&S has a formal Laboratory Safety Survey program. Surveys are performed annually and assistance is provided to help protect workers from accidents, illnesses, or prevent damage to the environment. Laboratory safety survey reports are generated by Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) staff and disseminated to the Principal Investigator(s) responsible for the laboratory space(s). These reports detail safety issues identified and necessary corrective actions, which should be completed in a timely manner; typically two to six weeks, depending on the hazard level. Unaddressed safety issues will be referred to the associated department chair/center director, then to the Office of the Vice President for Research. Representatives from the Office of General Counsel, Office of the Vice President and Provost, Office of the Vice President for Research, and/or Environmental Health and Safety will periodically review outstanding safety issues in campus laboratories and direct appropriate corrections.