Laboratory Safety Manual

48 Laboratory Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety If the hood stops working or if an alarm is triggered: • Suspend work and close sash. • Contact EH&S (515) 294-5953 or email EH&S. • NEVER turn off, mute, disable, or ignore an alarm. Additional practices for perchloric acid and radioisotope fume hoods: • Perchloric acid fume hoods, ductwork, and fans shall be labeled. • Other chemicals are prohibited for use in perchloric acid fume hoods; any exceptions must be approved by EH&S. • Use the wash-down system in the perchloric acid fume hood after each use. • Apparatus used in perchloric acid fume hoods should be free of organic coatings and lubricants. • Contact EH&S to test for the presence of perchlorates BEFORE maintenance, repair, or removal is conducted on a perchloric acid fume hood. • Radioisotope fume hoods, ductwork, and fans shall be labeled. • Contact EH&S to determine residual activity BEFORE maintenance, repair, or removal is conducted on a radioisotope fume hood. Annual Certification EH&S provides annual certification testing for all operating chemical fume hoods on campus. If a hood is in use and has not been evaluated within the year or is newly installed, contact EH&S (515) 294-5359 to request testing. Do not use a fume hood that has not been certified. Fume hood certifications include a general inspection and a performance and visualization test. The results of the certification testing are recorded on the Certification Log located on the fume hood. Results can only be one of the following: 1. Pass - all inspections and tests were satisfactory. 2. Fail with caution - the posting of a yellow caution sign indicates that the hood did not meet all safety parameters but can still be used with caution. Cautionary measures will be listed on the yellow sign and must be followed to ensure safe operation. 3. Fail with warning - the posting of a red warning sign indicates that the hood cannot be used under any circumstances. Alarms are intended to warn users of inadequate hood function. Contact EH&S for more information about alarm installation for existing fume hoods. Fail with Caution Sign Fail with Warning Sign