Laboratory Safety Manual

9 Laboratory Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety Visitors are considered to be all persons entering a laboratory other than the PIs, laboratory staff, students, and authorized ISU employees. Visitors to ISU laboratories will be under the supervision of the host laboratory. The host is responsible for: • laboratory security during the visit • visitor training and notification of potential hazards • oversight of visitor compliance with applicable safety practices and procedures contained in the Laboratory Safety Manual Setting Up a Laboratory This manual contains regulatory requirements, university policies, and prudent practices that apply to activities performed in laboratories at ISU. The volume of these requirements can make the establishment of a laboratory a complex and confusing process. To guide ISU researchers through this process, EH&S has developed the EH&S Research Support checklist. Using this checklist and information contained in the Laboratory Safety Manual, researchers will have the foundation for establishing a safe and compliant laboratory. The Laboratory Check-in Form and Laboratory Check-out Form are resources to help document regulatory compliance by researchers before laboratory work begins and before laboratory departure. It is recommended that departments establish a formal procedure to “check in” new researchers beginning work at ISU and “check out” researchers before departing from ISU. Ask your administrative office if a formal “check in/check out” program has been established in your department.