Radioactive Materials Safety Manual

43 Radioactive Materials Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety N Other Uses of Radioactive Materials A number of devices producing ionizing radiation or containing embedded sources are in use at ISU. In accordance with Iowa law, RPDs are registered with the IDPH. RPDs are surveyed by EH&S annually, following major repairs, and as otherwise required. PIs and departments are required to inform EH&S if x-ray systems, x-ray components or other RPDs are purchased, transferred to campus, moved between laboratories, or disposed. Radioiodination Carrier free radioiodine work requires EH&S supervision during the procedure and post iodination bioassay evaluations. EH&S maintains control of all carrier free radioiodine. Contact EH&S to schedule a radio iodination procedure. Animal and Biological Specimen Use Research using live animal models requires the approval of the RSC and IACUC. Application of radiation with animal tissues requires RSC approval only. Radiological research utilizing human, animal and plant pathogens, recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules, genetically modified organisms, and biological toxins requires RSC and IBC approval. Environmental Releases Iowa State University is not licensed for the environmental release of RAM for the purpose of research.