Shop Safety Manual

20 Shop Safety G. Safety Equipment Eyewash An eyewash fountain must be readily accessible in all areas where corrosives, hot liquids, or other eye-irritating materials (formaldehyde) are used or stored. During development of an Emergency Action Plan, personnel must identify eyewash fountain locations, verify proper function, and determine if additional eyewash fountains are required in the shop. Ensure that eyewash fountain locations are marked with a sign, typically green/white, available from Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) and posted at eye level above the fountain. Eyewash fountains should be flushed monthly by shop personnel. Record these tests on the “Safety Equipment Test Record” tag attached to the eyewash. Fire Extinguishers Each shop must have unobstructed access to at least one fire extinguisher located at or near an exit. During development of an Emergency Action Plan, personnel must identify fire extinguisher locations and determine if available extinguishers are appropriate for planned shop activities. Ensure that fire extinguisher locations are marked with a red/white “fire extinguisher” sign posted at eye level above the device. Monthly fire extinguisher inspections are required. Annual extinguisher testing is performed by EH&S. Fire Safety and Extinguisher Training is required for all shop personnel. It is recommended that personnel take the hands-on training, if it is their first time completing the training. Additional information is contained in the university’s Fire Safety Guidelines. First Aid Kits A properly stocked first aid kit shall be available to shop personnel. Complete kits are available at Central Stores (515) 294-0408 or through CyBuy. A list of recommended contents can be found in the Iowa State University First Aid Guidelines. Signs to mark the location of the first aid kit are available from EH&S. Flammable Safety Cabinets Flammable safety cabinets are storage cabinets (typically metal) manufactured to isolate flammable materials from a potential fire that may occur in the shop. Safety cabinets are required for storage of flammable liquids in shop with cumulative quantities greater than 40 liters (~10 gal.) and are available for purchase through safety equipment suppliers.