Shop Safety Manual

21 Shop Safety Flammable Safety Cans Flammable safety cans are containers (typically metal) with selfclosing spouts and integral flame arresters used to store flammable liquids for quantities greater than four liters (~1 gal.). Safety cans must be properly labeled and are available for purchase through safety equipment suppliers. Refer to flammables in Section G, “Safety Practices for Specific Hazards” for more information. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Minimum personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements for entering a shop will be posted at the door on the Safety Rules poster. Any PPE required above the minimum will be determined through completion of a job hazard assessment or development of a standard operating procedure (SOP). PPE should be included in the SOP for the process. Shop users are expected to use assigned PPE when called for by the hazard assessment, standard operating procedure, container label or safety data sheet. PPE shall be maintained by the user in a clean, sanitary and usable condition. PPE is available for purchase at Central Stores, 195 General Services Building (515) 294-0408 or Chemistry Stores, 1351 Gilman Hall (515) 294-0203. Soiled PPE should NEVER be taken home for laundering. Specific information on PPE requirements is available in the ISU Personal Protective Equipment Policy. Safety Shower An easily accessible, drench-type safety shower shall be available within ten seconds travel time of each area where corrosive or toxic liquids are used or stored. In some buildings, shops may need to rely on safety showers outside the shop. During development of an Emergency Action Plan, personnel must identify safety shower locations and verify proper function by contacting the building area mechanic. Ensure that safety shower locations are marked with a sign (typically green/white, available from EH&S) posted at eye level below the shower. Annual safety shower testing is performed by Facilities Planning and Management (FP&M). Spill Kits Aproperly stocked spill control kit shall be available in each shop. Spill kits are available at Central Stores, or safety equipment suppliers. In lieu of purchasing a kit, personnel may choose to assemble a kit. Instructions are available here.