Shop Safety Manual

23 Shop Safety Exposure Monitoring As part of the workplace exposure assessment, exposure monitoring may be performed by EH&S to quantify the level of exposure experienced by employees at Iowa State University. Monitoring results are used to determine if medical surveillance is required and whether control measures should be implemented to ensure a safe work environment. Each department and supervisor is responsible for ensuring that any recommended control measures are implemented. EH&S may perform additional monitoring to determine the effectiveness of control measures. EH&S is available to conduct occupational exposure monitoring whenever a possible exposure or potential health hazard is suspected in the work environment. Medical Surveillance Employees enrolled in the Occupational Medicine Program will be required to complete a baseline medical review at the Occupational Medicine office, G11 Technical and Administrative Services Facility (TASF), 2408 Pammel Drive, (515) 294-2056. The Occupational Medicine physician will determine what tests and immunizations will be required to prevent occupational disease relating to an employee’s exposure. Ongoing medical surveillance will be offered to personnel exposed to hazards covered under OSHA or other applicable regulations. A separation medical review will be offered to Occupational Medicine Program participants when leaving ISU. Work-Related Injuries, Illnesses, and Exposures Iowa State University employees exposed or injured while at work or in the course of employment must seek medical attention at the McFarland Clinic PC, Occupational Medicine Department, 1215 Duff Ave, Ames, IA; (515) 239-4496. Supervisors should call the McFarland Clinic Occupational Medicine Department during regular work hours to schedule an appointment for the employee. Any relevant safety information such as an SDS should accompany the employee to the appointment. Reporting All work related injuries, illnesses, or exposures must be reported to the employee’s supervisor, even when medical attention is not required or is refused by the employee: An Incident Report (IR) must be completed by the injured employee and/or the supervisor through the ISU Incident Portal within 24 hours of the incident. Upon submission of the report, the supervisor will receive an email requesting information relating to the Accident Investigation as part of the incident reporting process. The supervisor is asked to reply directly to the email with answers to the questions asked within 24 hours of receiving the email. Questions regarding Some of the evaluations EH&S can perform include: • ergonomics • indoor air quality • noise • dust • mold • hazardous chemicals • physical hazards