Shop Safety Manual

24 Shop Safety the form may be forwarded to University Human Resources at (515) 294-3753. Contact Environmental Health and Safety at (515) 2945359 for guidance and assistance, especially when a serious injury or major loss occurs. For additional information access EH&S accidents and injuries page. Student Accidents and Injuries Students not employed by Iowa State University who are exposed or injured in the classroom, laboratory or shop should seek medical attention at the Thielen Student Health Center, 2647 Union Drive, (515) 294- 5801. All accidents and injuries sustained by ISU students while in academic classes or events sponsored by the university must be reported to Risk Management by the student and a university representative using the ISU Incident Portal. Where to Seek Medical Care The Seek Injury Care chart is a resource that can provide employees and students with information on where to go for care in the event of an injury.