Shop Safety Manual

8 Shop Safety B. Responsibilities Departments • Develop and implement shop policies, requirements, and procedures. • Replace damaged or broken equipment including, guards and signs. • Ensure that adequate supervision and controlled access are provided in accordance with ISU and department policy. • Assure that PPE provided to all faculty, staff, students, and visitors is worn. Environmental Health and Safety • Provide support in implementing of the Shop Safety Manual and assist with regulatory compliance. • Conduct periodic shop safety surveys in accordance with EH&S policy. • Update relevant training through the Learn@ISU. Shop Supervisor Person who supervises the shop space, students, and staff using the shop space. • Develop specific shop safety policies, requirements, and procedures required by the Shop Safety Manual and ensure they are being followed. • Advocate PPE use as required by this manual, department policy, or a hazard assessment. • Develop emergency response procedures and ensure they are communicated to users. • Establish a safe work culture by modeling safe work practices. • Ensure that faculty, staff, students, and monitors who use the equipment are properly trained. • Implement corrective actions and report any unsafe acts or conditions to the department. • Routinely inspect and remove from service and/or lock out any equipment deemed to be unsafe or in need of repairs. • Provide access to safety data sheets (SDS) for all chemicals in the shop. • Ensure all wastematerials and chemicals are disposed of correctly. • Post an Emergency Action Plan and Safety Rules Poster near the shop entrance and manage any emergencies. • Perform a shop safety survey annually.