Shop Safety Manual

9 Shop Safety • Report injuries/incidents through the ISU Incident Portal within 24 hours. • Submit annual chemical inventory to EH&S. Shop Monitor / Tech Mentor Person who supervises student shop users. • Ensure shop safety policies and procedures outlined in the Shop Safety Manual are followed. • Encourage a safe work culture by modeling safe work practices. • Aid in the prevention of unsafe acts in the shop and report them to the shop supervisor. • Assist in the event of an emergency. Shop Users Includes faculty, staff, student, and visitors using the shop space. Follow specific policies and procedures outlined in the Shop Safety Manual and noted on the Safety Rules Poster. • Complete all required training through Learn@ISU. • Inspect each piece of equipment before and after use. • Report hazardous, unsafe conditions, damaged, or missing equipment to a supervisor. • Use, maintain, and properly store required PPE. • Perform general housekeeping tasks. • Report all work-related injuries to a supervisor. • Refrain from interfering with on-going shop activities.