18 Waste and Recycling Oil, Oil Filters and Oil-filled Equipment Oil is 100% recyclable. Iowa State University collects used oil and oil filters for recycling. See Section G “Waste Minimization, “Oil.” Paints EH&S collects all paints and paint products. See section “Chemicals in Laboratories and Other Locations. ” Paper and Cardboard Paper and cardboard should be recycled in designated bins or areas. Pesticides EH&S will collect unwanted pesticides, empty pesticide containers, and rinsate. See section “Universal Wastes.” Plant Tissue Plant materials and soil should not be placed in the trash. Non- genetically modified plant material may be composted via FP&M. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or restricted plant tissue must be devitalized or destroyed. Contact EH&S for guidance at (515) 294- 5359. Follow biohazard disposal guidelines in the Biosafety Manua l. Radioactive Materials, Equipment and Lasers EH&Smanages all radioactivematerial. For disposal andmanagement guidance click on Radiation Safety . Regular Trash Normal trash, such as non-paper items, food, and plastic, may be discarded in trash receptacles or building dumpsters, but should be recycled whenever possible. Scrap Metal Scrap metal can be recycled. Contact FP&M at (515) 294-5100 for assistance.