13 X-Ray Safety D. Process Planning All research and teaching uses of radiation requires the approval of the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC). Each new project, changes to existing approvals, and the addition of new research will be reviewed and approved by the RSC. A principal investigator (PI) requesting approval to provide services to other laboratories or to use material in an academic course must request approval from the RSC to operate as a research center. Authorization Process The individual responsible for the proposed project, referred to as the PI, begins the authorization process by submitting a completed radiation use application to Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S). Application forms are available from the radiation safety section of the EH&S website. The application must include detailed information in three general categories: information on personnel, facility information, and a project description. Personnel Information It is critical that persons working with radiation producing devices (RPDs) have the proper experience and knowledge to safely use radiation and maintain radiation exposuresAs LowAs Reasonably Achievable (ALARA). The RSC and Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) evaluate all requests with the following information: Principal Investigator (PI): The person who is responsible for all radiation use. This person will establish and lead radiation safety within the laboratory. As the radiation safety lead, the PI is required to maintain their safety training on an annual basis. Alternate PI: A person authorized to act on behalf of the PI in their absence. The Alternate PI shall maintain their safety training on an annual basis. Laboratory Supervisor: The person most familiar with daily laboratory functions and radiation use. This person is authorized to make administrative changes to the radiation authorization. The laboratory supervisor shall maintain their safety training on an annual basis. Authorized Personnel: The people who will work with radiation under the supervision of the PI. Annual radiation safety training is required for all authorized personnel. Education and Laboratory Experience: Title and credit hours of anycourse taken innuclear science, radiationsafetyor radionuclide use; an indication of whether Iowa State’s radiation safety training Note: All new applications must be approved by the RSC.