14 X-Ray Safety program has been completed (including the completion date), duration of experience, the specific experimental procedures employed, procedures followed for laboratory safety and waste handling. Attach additional sheets to the application if needed. Facility Description A facility must meet minimum requirements in order to be used for work with RPDs. Determination of facility suitability includes: Locations of use: Building, floor, room number, department Room Diagram for each location: Locations of hoods, sinks, benches, exterior/interior walls, windows, doors, intended use, and storage areas Radiation (machine) facility: Location of radiation source, exterior/interior walls, windows, doors, shielding, and direction of primary beam Construction materials: Floors, bench tops, hoods, and sinks Radiation safety equipment: Shielding, spill kit, type of radiation detectors, and radiation counting equipment Occupancy of facility and adjacent areas: Use of facility by individuals not approved for radiation work , but who have access to areas adjacent to the facility Project Description The project description should include: • standard operating procedures • diagrams • types of equipment used • safety procedures • hazard identification • radiation detection methods • hazardous materials present • duration of project • any other information describing the procedure A journal article, operators manual, or similar written techniques can be used to satisfy some of these descriptions.