15 X-Ray Safety Research Centers Research centers are laboratories that provide research services to multiple customers, both on and off campus, offer equipment for use by other laboratories, or that serve as an academic laboratory. These centers are required to: • Provide EH&S with written documentation detailing how training records will be maintained (who is in charge, location of records, etc.). • Maintain records of ISU radiation training for all users. • Maintain records of laboratory specific training (how to properly and safely use the equipment). • Maintain a usage log detailing: name of user, date used, length of time, number of exposures, kVp, mA . • Ensure that only people with current x-ray safety training are allowed to use the equipment. • During the annual radiation audit, EH&S will look at the training records, usage logs, etc. • Prior to using a new research protocol or change in current protocols, contact EH&S for approval. • Be aware of other approvals that may be needed (IACUC, IRB, IBC, etc.). EH&S will audit research centers at least annually. The RSC may require a laboratory to operate as a center based on information provided by the PI. Prior authorization of a procedure does not grant approval for the PI to provide services to other laboratories or operate as a research center. Review and Approval of Application The completed application must be submitted to EH&S, where it will receive an initial review by the RSO. The RSO may require additional information from the applicant to assess the safety of the procedure. EH&S will also review procedures for additional hazards involving chemical and biological materials, physical hazards, and the use of human and animal subjects. Approval for procedures involving additional hazards may be delayed until safety and regulatory measures are addressed. Once the application appears to be adequate, the RSO forwards it to the RSC chair for approval. If the application is approved, the PI will receive a copy of the official authorization form listing any special conditions that may apply. The RSC reserves the authority for line item approvals on all applications. Should any portion of the application be denied, a written notification, including an explanation for this decision,