21 X-Ray Safety F. Responsibilities At Iowa State University (ISU), everyone has shared responsibility for ensuring the safe use of radiation materials devices. These responsibilities are summarized below. Responsibilities of the Principal Investigator The individual authorized by the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) as the principal investigator (PI) on a project involving the use of radiation is responsible for all activities conducted under the scope of that authorization. The PI has the responsibility for ensuring that: • All individuals working with radiation have completed all university and laboratory safety training requirements including annual radiation safety training. • All individuals working with radiation have been formally authorized by the RSC. • All rules, regulations and procedures for the safe use of radiation are followed. • An accurate record of the types and locations of devices ismaintained. • EH&S is notified of any changes in the storage or use of x-ray systems prior to implementing the changes. • All uses of radiation are constantly evaluated to further reduce exposures to individuals As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA). • All procedures for using radiation producing devices (RPDs) are current and accurate. • All RPDs are secure from unauthorized access or use. • EH&S is notified of all unusual events or conditions that occur in the laboratory. • EH&S is informed when ending the use of RPD. • EH&S is notified when leaving the university. An x-ray Use Authorization may be revoked for non-compliance of policies, rules and regulations under the provisions of the RSC charter. This includes not completing annual retraining.