22 X-Ray Safety Responsibilities of the Authorized Personnel Personnel authorized to use radiation devices are responsible for its safe use. Each user must: • Minimize their personal exposure to ALARA. • Minimize public exposure to ALARA. • Wear assigned personnel monitoring devices if required. • Understand and comply with all sections of this manual that apply to their work. • Identify the location of all radiation sources in the work area and the extent of their potential risks, and use the appropriate procedures to minimize the risks. • Maintain postings, labels, and markings for all devices and radiation work areas. • Maintain usage logs, records, and inventories. • Prevent unauthorized persons from access to x-ray systems • Protect service personnel, by monitoring all maintenance or facility repairs • Notify EH&S of all unusual events or conditions that occur in the laboratory that may have resulted in personal injuries. • Complete all required training within the set time period specified by the RSC. Personnel may be removed from an x-ray use authorization for non- compliance of policies, rules and regulations under the provisions of the RSC Charter. This includes not completing annual retraining.