23 X-Ray Safety G. Obtaining Radiation Devices In order to ensure propermanagement numbers of radiation producing devices (RPDs) entering the Iowa State University (ISU) campus, all purchases of these items must be approved and processed by Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S). ISU is required to license these devices with the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH). Prior Approval of X-ray and Radiation Producing Devices Prior to the construction of facilities housing RPDs or the installation and use of RPDs in existing buildings, detailed plans outlining location, system design and shielding calculations are required to be submitted to and approved by the IDPH. EH&S will work with Facilities Planning and Management (FP&M) and contractors in obtaining necessary building design information, and if needed, prescribe additional design criteria. EH&S will review plans, complete shielding calculations and submit registration materials to IDPH. Additional requirements, as set forth by the device manufacturer, may be necessary to gain operational approval from the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC). EH&S will coordinate the annual registration renewal for all RPDs. Prior Approval of Electron Microscopes Electron Microscopes require registration with IDPH. Contact EH&S prior to installation and purchase of electron microscopes. EH&S will coordinate the annual registration renewal for all Electron Microscopes. An account number will be needed for payment of the annual registration fee. Receipt of Free/Gifted/Evaluation Devices Free, gifted, or evaluation devices that produce radiation must follow the same procedures outlined above. Additionally, devices, and other radiation sources transferred to ISU by new faculty and staff require EH&S notification and approval of the RSC. Note: It may take four to six weeks to get approval for a new or relocated x-ray device.