24 X-Ray Safety H. Security, Storage, Transfer, and Transportation of Radiation Devices Any transfer or relocation of radiation materials or devices must be approved by Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) before the transfer takes place. Security of X-Ray and Radiation Producing Devices Radiation producing devices (RPDs) are to be secured to prevent operation by unapproved persons. Security measures include limiting access to all devices, password protecting operational software, and limiting access to keys that energize power systems. Transfer of Radiation Devices Any transfers of RPDs (possession transferred from one principal investigator (PI) to another) must be pre-authorized by EH&S. Transportation of radioactive material on campus and to other institutions must be in accordance with Iowa State University (ISU), Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) and U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) rules. EH&S must be notified before any transfers or shipments take place. Temporary Job Sites and Remote Locations Occasionally, x-ray devices may need to be used at temporary job sites or remote laboratories. Job sites located outside of Iowa require reciprocal licensing to be in place and three days advance notice before travel may begin. All transportation, posting, security and notification requirements under the local rules apply to remote locations. Remote job sites are subject to audits and inspections by EH&S and the governing regulatory agency. The use of RPDs at all temporary job sites and remote locations must have the prior approval of the RSO. Reciprocal Licensing The use of radiation materials or devices outside of Iowa requires licensing by the regulatory agency with jurisdiction at the work location. Typically, the governing agency will grant a one year reciprocal license allowing ISU to operate within their jurisdiction for 180 working days. All costs for reciprocal licensing are the responsibility of the PI or department conducting the work. Reciprocal licensing must be planned well in advance. Allow at least four weeks to complete approvals and licensing procedures. Note: All transfers for changes must be pre-authorized. Note: Allow at least four weeks for reciprocity approval.