25 X-Ray Safety I. Disposal of Radiation Producing Devices Disposal of Equipment Disposal of radiation producing devices (RPDs) will be completed through Iowa State University (ISU) Surplus and the equipment manufacturer, under guidance of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S). Disposal will be completed following the laboratory equipment disposal method f ound at the ISU Surplus w ebsite. If the equipment manufacturer cannot be located or refuses transfer then EH&S will assist the principal investigator (PI) or department with an alternate disposal method. Devices must be permanently disabled and any beryllium removed. The PI and/or department will be responsible for all costs associated with current and legacy equipment disposal. Equipment storage is not permitted to avoid disposal expense. Non-operational devices should be identified, repaired, transferred or disposed within a reasonable amount of time. Common equipment containing embedded sources includes gas chromatographs, liquid scintillation counters, emergency exit signs, and static elimination devices. Note: PI is responsible for disposal costs.