Biosafety Manual

49 Biosafety Manual • Something disposable or easily disinfected such as tongs, forceps, manila folders, etc. for picking up broken glass, other contaminated sharps, or contaminated absorbent material • Biohazard sharps waste container(s) • Autoclavable biohazard waste bags • Biohazard spill warning signs All non-disposable items should either be autoclavable or compatible with the disinfectant to be used. Most of the listed items, as well as other biohazard spill control items, are available at Central Stores or through CyBuy. Althernatively and often are contained within various commercially available biohazard spill-control kits. Biohazard Spill Response Procedure 1. Biohazardous spill outside laboratory • Evacuate the immediate area for at least 30 minutes to allow any potential aerosols to settle. If outdoors, personnel should remain upwind from the spill, if possible. • The Iowa State University Department of Public Safety (DPS) is available to assist in evacuation perimeter control. Laboratory personnel should secure the site while someone else is sent for help. 2. Biohazardous spill within laboratory • Outside of a BSC: the laboratory must be evacuated for at least 30 minutes to allow any potential aerosols to settle. It is the responsibility of the last person out to ensure that all doors have been closed. • Within a centrifuge: the centrifuge should be closed as soon as the spill is noticed. Wait 30 minutes to allow aerosol to settle before opening to clean and disinfect. • Within a BSC: cover the spill with absorbent, apply disinfectant, allow 15 minutes contact time (BSC remains running), and then proceed with clean-up. • Inform EH&S of spill if you require assistance with clean-up. 3. Any potentially contaminated clothing must be removed and placed in a biohazard waste bag for decontamination. 4. Hands and any other contaminated skin must be washed thoroughly with soap and water. 5. Everyone not needed for spill clean up must be cautioned to stay away from the spill area until clean up has occurred. Signs may be posted if necessary.