Laboratory Safety Manual

12 Laboratory Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety Ordering Materials Many materials and equipment require special authorization to purchase, use, and store. To increase laboratory safety, decrease procurement delays, and reduce potential regulatory deficiencies, include these ordering procedures as part of your process planning: • Obtain any necessary permits, licenses, or registrations prior to ordering. Refer to “Additional Resources” below for details. • Order chemical, biological, or radiological materials only after a SOP is written which outlines special safety precautions for the material that has been approved by the laboratory supervisor. • Order only those materials for which adequate safety equipment is available. • Order the minimum quantity of chemical, biological, or radiological materials required. • Prepare the laboratory prior to receipt of the substance (establish storage location, post appropriate signs, obtain necessary personal protective equipment). Additional Resources Special authorization is required to purchase, possess, and use the following materials: • Biological materials – These may include human, animal, or plant pathogens, animals, animal parts, plants, plant parts, and soils regulated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the United States Department of Agriculture. For more information go to Permit Requirements. • Chemicals of interest – The Department of Homeland Security monitors chemicals of interest as they relate to the possibility of theft, release or sabotage/contamination. • Controlled substances – This category includes any drug or material regulated by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency. For more information go to Controlled Substances. • Explosives – These items are regulated by the United States Department of Transportation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. • Radioactive materials and radiation production devices – Only individuals identified as authorized personnel on an authorization may receive radioactive material or devices. For more information Radiation Safety. This is regulated by the Iowa Department of Public Health. • Tax-free ethanol – Only individuals who have completed the online training through Learn@ISU and submitted an application to EH&S may purchase tax-free ethanol at ISU. Access the Chemical Redistribution Page for a list of free chemicals that are available.