Laboratory Safety Manual

14 Laboratory Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety Hazard Inventory Inventories must be submitted to EH&S annually and updated when significant changes in amount or research processes occur. Conduct an inventory of chemicals present in your laboratory each year, to identify unsafe conditions such as missing labels, items nearing expiration, and broken or leaking containers. Laboratories storing biological or radiological materials must also conduct an annual inventory: • Chemical Inventory • Biological Materials Inventory • Radiological Inventory - Call (515) 294-5359 Additional Resources • Biosafety Manual – Section G., “Transporting and Shipping Biohazardous Materials” • Radioactive Materials Safety Manual- Section H., “Security, Storage, Transfer, and Transportation of Radioactive Materials and Devices” Shipping Laboratory Materials Off-Campus All off-campus transport of laboratory materials must comply with university, state, federal, and international shipping requirements. Laboratory materials may include chemical, biological, or radiological materials, compressed gases, diagnostic specimens, refrigerants, and equipment, or instruments that contain hazardous materials. Shipments of these materials must be properly classified, packaged, marked, labeled, and documented. For information on how to ship hazardous materials, review the Hazardous Materials Shipping Guide. Note – Ensure that the off-campus recipient has all necessary permits and/or authorizations to receive the material being shipped.