Laboratory Safety Manual

15 Laboratory Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety C Emergency Planning When planning for emergencies, be sure to communicate hazards through postings/signage and have procedures in place for personnel to follow. Postings and Signs Post the hazard communication sign (depicted on the left) outside the main entrance to each laboratory. The door signage program requires a current chemical inventory. The interior of the laboratory must be posted with the following: • Emergency Action Plan must be posted inside the lab, near the exit(s). The building emergency map is recommended to be posted near the Emergency Action Plan. • Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation Area sign to designate the location where laboratory waste will accumulate until it is collected by EH&S. Refer to Section H., “Waste and Recycling”. • Signs identifying location of safety equipment (fire extinguisher, safety shower, eyewash fountain). Refer to Section D, “Safety Equipment” for specific information on required signage and posting locations. • Signs, labels, and/or warning/caution tape identifying designated use and storage areas for materials or equipment requiring special procedures. Refer to Section B, “Special Procedures” . If you have questions about required signage, please contact EH&S at (515) 294-5359 or EH&S. Emergency Action Plan The principal investigator (PI) and/or laboratory supervisor must develop an emergency action plan for their laboratory. An Emergency Action Plan template and sample have been developed to help address the following emergency issues: Alarm System Activation The locations of alarm pull stations can be found on the building emergency map (fire alarm, chemical spill, severe weather). Laboratory employees must know how and when to activate alarms. Evacuation Procedures Identify evacuation routes and meeting locations for emergencies such as fire, severe weather, and chemical, biological, or radiological releases. Building Emergency Maps are available for download on the EH&S website. Emergency Map