Laboratory Safety Manual

38 Laboratory Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety • Ensure appropriate fire extinguisher is available. • Eye protection, flame-resistant gloves, and a flame-resistant laboratory coat are required. Never wear synthetic clothing (such as: polyester or nylon), as it may ignite causing severe burns. Wear a face shield for additional protection. • An eyewash must be present in the laboratory. A safety shower must be available within 10 seconds travel time from workspace. • Perform all transfers in a fume hood and prevent body contact by using a splash guard or shield where possible. • Review the safe procedures for handling highly reactive reagents. Everyone working with these compounds should be familiar with the Aldrich technical bulletins AL-134 “Handling Air-Sensitive Reagents” and AL-164 “Handling Pyrophoric Reagents.” • Obtain training from experienced personnel before working with any pyrophoric chemicals. • Perform initial work with supervision. • Practice handling and transfer procedures using a nonpyrophoric material before working with pyrophoric materials. • Use the smallest quantity of pyrophoric material possible. • Never work alone when handling highly hazardous chemicals, especially organolithium reagents. Notify others in the laboratory when working with these solutions. Additional Resources • Working Safety with Organolithium Compounds - Yale University • Improved Safety during Transfer of Pyrophoric tert-Butyllithium from Flasks with Protective Seals Radioactive Materials & Radiation Producing Devices Radioactive materials and radiation producing devices emit ionizing radiation that may cause harm to humans, animals, or plants. All personnel working in areas where ionizing radiation is used are required to take Radiation Safety Awareness training. All users of radioactive materials and radiation producing devices must be preapproved by the Radiation Safety Committee and must: • Follow the requirements outlined in the Radioactive Materials Safety Manual, Sealed Source Manual or X-Ray Safety Manual. • Ensure only properly trained and authorized personnel handle radiological materials or operate radiation producing devicesor operate radiation producing devices.