Biosafety Manual

34 Biosafety Manual infected arthropods. These arthropods are infected with pathogens capable of causing life-threatening disease. The following table is a summary of general characteristics of the arthropod containment levels. For more specific criteria, reference the Arthropod Containment Guide mentioned above. General Characteristics of the Arthropod Containment Level Anthropod Containment Level 1 2 3 4 Infection Status Uninfected OR infected with non- pathogen Up to BSL-2 Up to BSL-3 BSL-4 Practices ACL-1 standard arthropod handling practices ACL-1 plus more rigorous disposal, signage, and limited access ACL-2 plus highly restricted access, training, and record- keeping ACL-3 plus enhanced access restriction, extensive training, and full isolation Primary Barriers Species- appropriate containers Species- appropriate containers Escape- proof arthropod containers, glove boxes, BSC Escape- proof arthropod containers handled in cabinet or suit laboratory Secondary Barriers Separated from laboratories, double doors (2), sealed electrical/ plumbing openings. Breeding containers and harborages minimized. BSL-3 BSL-4 Cell and Tissue Culture Cell and tissue cultures may contain pathogenic organisms. It is