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Environmental Harmony

EH&S is committed to protecting the


EH&S protected our campus and community environments through programs that minimized Iowa

State University’s environmental impact.

EH&S’ commitment to improved environmental protection was a perfect

match to ISU’s strategic commitment to improved infrastructure and

facilities. EH&S provided weekly construction site inspections to assure

storm water runoff and soil stability systems remain intact throughout the

construction process. Storm water runoff management prevented over


cubic yards of topsoil erosion from ISU construction sites. That saved


dump truck loads of soil from entering area surface waters and helped

prevent maintenance issues for storm sewers.

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are toxic, persistent and bioaccumulating

chemicals that were commonly used in the 20th century. PCB-contaminated

electrial equipment could be found in just about every campus building in

previous decades. In 2014, the last known PCB-contaminated electrical

transformer was removed from campus for disposal.

Underground storage tanks (USTs) responsible for soil and

groundwater contamination once numbered over one hundred on

the ISU campus. Today there are just two safe and modern USTs

remaining after the removal at the Knapp-Storms Dining Complex.

Over the past 25 years, EH&S has coordinated the safe removal and

disposal of countless PCB transformers and USTs.

EH&S continued to provide environmental auditing and impact reporting services for university real

estate transactions.

EH&S is committed to environmental protection.