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Impacting Safety


Improving safety through prevention.

Prevention of illness and injury is at the core of safety. EH&S’ commitment to our learning and

research communities drives our attention to safety needs across campus.

Researchers use chemical fume hoods and biosafety cabinets to limit

exposures, improve safety, and manage hazards. Researchers relied

on EH&S to verify that


fumehoods were operating properly.



biosafety cabinets were certified to ensure the cabinets

met safety performance standards. Certified biosafety cabinets

provide protection for the user, product, and the environment.

Campuswide safety audits emphasized safety performance by

implementing prudent safety practices in the work place, research

laboratory, and classroom. EH&S assisted laboratories, shops, and

farms to improve safety performance by auditing work conditions and

working with campus personnel to reduce hazards and prevent accidents.

EH&S completed


laboratory surveys, while helping



investigators enhance workplace safety.

When the ISU research community requested support, EH&S

staff assisted researchers in meeting the regulatory and funding

requirements of granting agencies. EH&S supplied certifications

that demonstrated regulatory compliance and safety performance.

EH&S helped researchers renew AAALAC International

accreditation, select agent permits, radiation producing device

registrations, and Clean Air Act permits.

EH&S is committed to improving safety through prevention

of injuries and management of hazards.